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Marco Island Shelling Excursions

Our beaches and deserted islands are the perfect environment to collect various shells, sand dollars, and starfish that grace our beautiful coastlines. Our company will take you to some top-secret locations around the Ten-Thousand Islands that have many hidden unique shells in the sand. These locations are on secluded islands; therefore, they can only be reached by boat, which makes your shelling experience even more special! Whether you are a skilled sheller looking for the coveted Junonia shell or a beginner looking to explore our beautiful beaches, you are sure to have a trip to remember and leave with beautiful memorabilia.

Our crew are trained to help you find many kinds of shells. They will guide you along the beach if desired and will help you identify each different shell you come across! During your tour, you will have the chance to learn all about the area of our marine life and see our ecosystem of mangroves along the way. Your crew on your shelling tour are prepared and excited to provide an adventurous and educational experience for all ages!

Along your shelling adventure you may come across some prized shells such as True Tulips, Turbans, Nutmegs, Rose Petal Tellins, Apple and Laced Murex, Flat Scallops, Fighting Conch, Horses Conch, Olives, Jasper Cones, Florida Cones, Banded Tulips, Kings Crowbs, and the rare Junonia! These wide variety of shells are waiting to be found!

Glades Dayz Outfitters & Guide Service has several boats each of which can hold up to 6 passengers. If your party is larger than 6 people, please let us know so we can arrange for two boats. We also have a four-passenger minimum for the entire boat, otherwise you have the option to buy out a boat for your own personal tour.

Your captain will provide complimentary water for your trip. You may bring any other food or beverage of your choice as well. We only ask that whatever you bring on the boat and the beach comes back with you on shore. We take pride in the beauty and cleanliness of our beaches and want to do our part and preserving it! Some helpful items you may wish to bring along with you on your shelling tour are water shoes to walk through some light terrain, sunscreen, hat, shell bag or bucket, and cash to tip the crew. We would very  much appreciate that you do not bring aerosol sunscreen onboard. With these essentials you will be very prepared for your adventure! Theres nothing better than a beautiful day on the water walking along the beach with your toes in the sand looking for beautiful trophies. Please arrive to the boat 15 minutes before your departure time so that everyone may park and board the boat promptly. The boat will leave the Goodland Boat Park and arrive back at their ramp after your four-hour adventure is over. Please note any tips received are greatly appreciated and entirely for our crew.

Your captain and crew are highly qualified and very familiar with the waters in the surrounding area. If you have any questions or concerns before or during your trip please do not hesitate to ask! Our main goal is to have a safe and fun-filled adventure with you. Please do not forget to leave us a review on trip adviser or google after your trip is over. We appreciate your business!

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